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Without rules to break, how can you be bad?

Candida Cruikshanks, riffing off a news story on KRON-4 News in the Bay area:

If you are looking for vice, look for the Church spire and listen for the voices singing Hosanna. Bush is the same guy he always, just battling his own devils with missles rather than booze. "Lead them naked on leashes," see what I mean? The best sadists, from the days of the Klan to Abu Ghraid are Baptized in the Blood of the Lamb. Strong religion, strong drink. Ignorance and cruelty. Violence and repression. Projection of devils on the wall of the Other. God as a Cracker damning all but the Zealot to hell. All one inner battle. If Bush closes the Bondage Brothels here, he will open hundreds in Afghanistan, Cuba, Iraq, What else is our prison system? Bondage never had a better friend than G.W. Bush. He talks tough, but he is a pussycat in bed. (Guess who loves the leash?)

It seems some "adult entertainment" industry folks are trying to drive voter drives to register anti-Bush voters, on principle that Bush and the religious right are bad for their business.

They're right, of course, but only as long as they want to stay "legit". Forget about cultural correctness, and it becomes clear that Candida's right: Vice is meaningless without its restrictions. It thrives under repression. Remember that illicit gains are not taxed, and gansters don't mirandize one another before they bring out the saps. And on the side of "order", well -- it makes getting nasty so much easier to justify...

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