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I Want My Faraday Cage

From ZDNet: BAE is developing a smart wallpaper that will block some signals (e.g. WiFi) while allowing others to pass: "BAE says the material is cheap. The company will be developing it commercially through its corporate venture subsidiary."

In my rare fantasies of home-ownership (when I'm not too set in my renter's ways), my ideal cave -- er, I mean, home -- is usually encased in a Faraday Cage, to prevent the neighbors from listening in on my phone conversations and network chatter. (Of course, there is the small matter of being able to listen to the radio or talk on the cell phone...) OK, yes, I already know I'm strange, move along...


Your neighbors are taking the time to bother listening in, ehhhh..........?

Your conversations must be quite juicy there, escoles...

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