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Question for the Moment

This seems to me an appropriate day to ask questions like this:

To ask it differently - is America mutating, unwittingly, into a nation of heavily armed cargo cultists?

[troutfishing, on Metafilter]

Which is to say, are we migrating to a political reality wherein Lysenkoism reigns, not just in science policy, but also in everyday life?


Another quote from troutfishingâ??s post reads:

The hard-right position, that everything - even science - boils down to politics and the corollary - that with sufficiently large PR and advertising budgets any public perception of reality can be constructed - is an approach that in the end dissolves shared notions of objective truths, even many scientific truths, and, more insidiously, promotes quasi-mystical, magical thinking - directly analogous to many "New Age" belief systems - that human belief can shape objective, underlying reality.

I agree that there is objective, underlying reality. I also would go further to say that ultimate (unknown) reality is not only our material reality. We have ability to make choices in our temporal world and there will always be results, consequences of one sort or another, even if not readily apparent. However, ability to choose is not the same as ultimate free will on this earth. We cannot always will what we will.

I agree with troutfishingâ??s term â??quasi-mysticalâ? in regard to ignorant belief that humans can somehow twist,... er, shape, objective, underlying reality. There is a grab bag of goodies for anyone signing up for faith systems,... from some Newage (rhymes with sewage) systems that promise a literally beautiful rosy world... to religious guarantees of afterlife based on faith in someone elseâ??s faith of â??rightâ? dogma... to rationalizations of all sorts, turning political dung into sweet-smelling perfume. Why not go for the koolaid? The antidote is too scary for many people. The upshot of real numinous awareness through experience comes right back home squarely on each individualâ??s shoulders,... invades their heart and mind, and there is no turning back to the comfort of ignorant compliance.

But until this realization clicks, weâ??ll continue to get caught in the very webs we spin, and as a quote reads from the final link you gave, escoles:

If history repeats itself...
how incapable must Man
be of learning from experience.
-- George Bernard Shaw

And, in order to make a difference politically,... or as you wrote in another comment, escoles, to support â??ethical behavior that's noble and good,â?... â??we must choose who will speak for us, if we are not to speak for ourselves.â?

Posted just today on AlterNet:

â??Bushâ??s Wacky World of Scienceâ? by Howard Dean.

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