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Like A Kryptonite To A Bike Thief: "Steal Me!"

More proof that nothing is perfectly secure: these Quicktime videos show how to open a Kryptonite EV 2000 (525KB) and a Kryptonite EV "Disc" lock (955KB) like the one I own, using the barrel of a Bic Round Stic. (Courtesy MeFi,, and

The Moral: Don't count on one strong door. Double up your cylinder-key lock with a flat-key lock: Bike thieves don't like carrying more than one tool.

And don't get too attached to the bike. It's not good to be that attached to material possessions, anyway....

Update: I haven't made this work, yet. I suppose it could all be a colossal hoax, but I think it's probably got more to do with the fact that I was always pretty lousy at things like lock-picking...

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