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David Crumm of the Detroit Free Press writes:

The deal is this: Some guys in Grand Rapids figured out a hot new way to package practical spiritual messages as DVD movies that give you an inspirational jump-start in 12 minutes or less. Most people have never heard of them or the odd name they've chosen for this line of films: NOOMA. But they seem to be on the verge of taking the religious publishing world by storm.

What's the evidence that they're onto something big? Well, the Grand Rapids religious publishing giant Zondervan now is partnering with them to ship the first 10 DVD movies, subtitled in seven languages, to hundreds of Christian bookstores around the world in the next couple of weeks. And for the next wave, Zondervan will aim the distribution at bigger retail chains, said John Topliff, a company marketing vice president.

Zondervan. The Christian publisher that would like to know whether or not you prefer to use a Bible that has red lettering.

And now theyâ??re marketing a product to â??jump-startâ? those with short attention spans. A dose of packaged, feel-good spiritual help on demand. Talk about instant gratification.

Readers can check out the Web site,

Oh, that oddball name? It's another way they cut to the chase. It's a pronouncer for the ancient Greek word, pneuma or soul.

Ah, a phonetic shortcut. Actually, pneuma has been defined as either soul or spirit, coming from the Greek pneuma, â??air, breath, spirit.â? On the other hand, â??spiritâ? also can be viewed as something quite different from â??soul.â? But thatâ??s getting too complicated. Only works if youâ??ve got more attention span.

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