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The Western Christian News Celebration

I tuned in Good Morning America Weekend on ABC for a little while as I worked in the kitchen this morning. Easter Sunday apparently seemed to be a good time to dredge up some Christian news, new and old.

For instance, per their website earlier today:

· On Easter Sunday, we'll check in on the Pope's health live from Vatican City.

· We'll also take a look at mega-churches, huge congregations where people can worship, work out and browse books all under one roof.

New: Although unable to speak, the pope gave an Easter Sunday blessing.

Old: Super-sized churches are big business.

Also old: Original report about a young girl with celiac disease who is barred from Catholic communion because substituting rice for wheat wafers is against Roman Catholic doctrine.

I happened to catch that segment, the interview with mom and daughter.

I also caught Kate Snow wishing George Stephanopoulos a â??Happy Easter.â? But then he made a comment about how it wasnâ??t his Easter. Stephanopoulos. Kate Snow mentioned she should have known.

My Greek Orthodox neighbor likes to keep people informed as to her Easter schedule since her religious holiday doesnâ??t always coincide with the Western Christian date of celebration. This year she observes Easter on May 1. On this date Wiccans also celebrate Beltane, â??the conjoining of the goddess with the energy of the god in the sacred marriage which is the basis of all creation.â?

I should check in to GMA on May 1 and catch the news.


Let us not forget that most celebrated ritual of all on May 1st, the nefarious May Pole Dance!

That reminds me, I need to go out and buy some ribbons...


I used to date a Wiccan girl (born & raised), whose extended family on her mother's side were mostly Lutherans of Swedish extraction, but who observed religious holidays on the Orthodox calendar their ancestors had brought with them from Hungary along with their name. As a child, she'd gone to Catholic school for a while; she told me that she learned to work the Rosary on the same day her mother taught her how to cast a circle...

The same girl claimed to have believed in Santa Claus until she was almost 20. As a Freshman in college she'd left the traditional wooden shoes outside of her dorm room. But then, her Santa Claus came a few days later than everyone else's, so I suppose it was arguably reasonable to suppose that theirs was just some commercial concoction, and hers was real....

Wow, Wiccan with a dash of Catholic, a pinch of Lutheran and placed in an Orthodox wrap with a side of Santa. Gee, escoles, Iâ??ve heard variety is the spice of life, but this recipe likely would induce heartburn for me.

So, the big question, of course, is whether Santa visited her dorm, since hers was the real one... ;-)

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