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Scientology via Cruise

Several years ago I attended a cocktail party for a group I belonged to which was hosted by a couple of nice people with whom I was barely acquainted. As I admired the antique furniture in the living room, a gal I was chatting with casually mentioned that the hosts were in the process of moving. This would be their last party in that house. And, oh, they were planning on auctioning off all their furniture and donating the proceeds to the Church of Scientology (CoS). I almost choked on my canapé.

CoS has come to the fore recently through the antics of Tom Cruise. Of course, I know you already know this unless you have been holed up in a cave or meditating on a mountaintop of late. And usually I wouldnâ??t even broach the subject of such celebrity nonsense except that Tom Cruise has been really annoying, plus heâ??s dragged into his corner a sweet, innocent young thing unawares, or so weâ??re led to believe. And he has so offended Brooke Shields with his Scientology mumbo jumbo, criticizing her for seeking medication and therapy for her postpartum depression, that she felt compelled to defend herself in The New York Times.

Mark Morford irreverently summarizes all the current, creepy Cruise news in his column today at

Morford concludes:

So anyway. Thanks, Tom, for all the decent movies, agroo performances, that mega-intense, frat-boy-on-'roids stare. But please, before you get any weirder, would you maybe consider exiting calmly? Is it too late to ask? If we all buy a copy of Hubbard's silly little "Dianetics" and send it to Brooke Shields, will you go away and leave us alone? Damn. I didn't think so.

And heâ??s right. Going away, leaving people alone, doesnâ??t seem to be elemental to Cruiseâ??s disposition. Many in the general public might consider him a harmless, misguided fool, but CoS that he represents can turn out to be a toxic lure for those ill-equipped when it comes to reliable information about this organization.

For anyone interested, take a gander at one of the informative websites linked by Mark Morford. One especially poignant testimony comes from a former Scientologist who recommends ways to approach a Scientologist you want to help. Itâ??s not easy.


Well, Cruise is really the ideal Scientologist. Scientology is a really interesting cult in a lot of ways, not least being the way that it essentially tries to take a normal population and sort out the sociopaths and bullies -- and then promote them.

It's been recognized for years that (while the CoS tries to hide it) there's a very high suicide rate among Scientologists. It seems as though The Church drives people to it -- I expect that if we could see details, we would come to understand that the ideals of Scientology, applied rigorously to a normal, psychologically healthy person, will render them neurotic if not psychotic.

Most people have no concept of how bizarre the core beliefs of Scientology really are. They don't get the references to hosting alien parasites -- to Scientologists, that's secret knowledge, and lower-ranked Scientologists actually, genuinely believe that their religion does not include those beliefs. They also don't believe that the core, secret teachings include the idea that we're evolved lineally from clams, and that we retain psychological imprinting from that time.

People who learn these things can readily understimate the danger and influence of Scientology. They're wealthy, they have no compuntions about lying through their teeth to defent The Church (good little lysenkoists, they is) and are quite happy to wage war via frivolous lawsuits -- especially in defense of the hodgepodge of hypnosis, Sylvan theory and General Semantics that they refer to reverently as "the Tech". The CoS isn's just training and sorting out sociopaths -- it's reigning them in to its purposes.

And finally, the crowning insult, they've managed to hijack the cult awareness movement by purchasing the Cult Awareness Network. So if you go to this innocuously-named, helpful-sounding organization looking for information about this nasty cult that's just stolen your child, you'll be talking to the Church of Scientology -- one of the most egregious examples of a brainwashing cult that Americans, at least, have ready access to.

These assholes are dangerous. They are not to be understimated. Though I have no problem with making them seem ridiculous....

escoles, the first link you offer is quite astonishing and disturbing, eh? (Oh, and the address you linked isnâ??t correct, but readers can access the page easily just by removing the quotation marks at the end of the address.) The stories on this page illustrate your points so clearly about the psychotic aspects of the Scientology regimen. Many suicide examples were directly related to money problems, too. Itâ??s one thing to accept donations; itâ??s quite another to bleed someone dry.

Iâ??m wondering whether all the publicity surrounding Tom Cruise might have some benefits, after all, if he were to become wigged-out enough and people associated his behavior negatively with CoS, regardless of any prior knowledge of the dangers of this cult.

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