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E-mail Review

What fun catching up on my e-mail for the past week. *cough*

Thereâ??s the age issue:
A friend forwarded me a great article on how to handle the question: How old are you? Interesting timing, that. This past week the technician in the doctorâ??s office was checking my birth date and said, â??Now, that makes you...?â? And looking up from her work for a sec, she smiled at me and blurted, â??You look good!" I know she was surprised. I know she meant well. I know I should have taken it as a compliment. But I just couldnâ??t help completing her sentence silently in my mind as I vocally thanked her. â??... for your age.â? I mean, really, would she have made that same comment to a twenty-year-old?

Then neatly tucked among various spam e-mails for goodies such as Viagra, Cialas, and Rolex watches was my alumni newsletter linking an article about a University of Michigan study which â??suggests that women, but not men, automatically associate sex with submission and that connection reduces the quality of their sexual experience.â? It doesnâ??t seem at all that â??weâ??ve come a long way, baby.â?? More discussion of this study: here.

I have more mail to go through, but, hey, I need a break. Submission. Submission?!?

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