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Sacred Bloodline

No historical evidence that Jesus and Mary Magdalene had children?

I’m still working on whether the man Jesus even existed beyond mythological references.

And does it matter...


Personally, I don't see why he couldn't have been both a mythic being and a real person. We see examples of that all around us every day, in the person of various types of celebrity.

Assuming Jesus to have been "real", I don't see why we would have any reason to suppose he would escape the machinery of human fancy and get reprocessed into legend, at least, if not outright myth.

Eric Scoles

escoles, what you describe is one likely scenario. Difficult to determine would be how much to attribute to myth vs. the man, especially in light of lack of evidence in this case.

Of course, that doesn't stop many religionists from making historical assumptions and even taking myths literally.

There there are others who value symbolic meaning regardless of historicity.

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