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Triumph of the Passive Aggressive?

In contemplation of the "Eagleton Scenario", my razor-sharp political instincts immediately kicked in and I started thinking "this is all a ploy to pave the way for Vinegar Joe."

I mean, if you were Mitt or Tim, would you take the job at this point?

And what better way to force the divorced Jew down the throats of the rabid right than by having Tim and Mitt say 'no'? McCain could say "I wish THE MEDIA had been more open-minded, but they weren't, so now I'm choosing a man above reproach." Vinegar Joe.

And it wouldn't hurt that Lieberman may well be the only eligible (as in, American-born and over 35) senior Republican politician who actually still likes McCain at this point.

Not that McCain planned it that way, at least not consciously. I'm coming to think he doesn't think that much.

Then again: As I said, razor-sharp....

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