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Quote of the Moment: Not just nincompoops, but insipid nincompoops

Kathryn Jean Lopez @ NRO on why people pack it in to see Palin:

Palin didn't need Greek columns. People react to her because they believe she represents what the Greeks established.

And what would that be -- the desirability of maneuvering yourself into a disastrous social collapse by hiring demagogues and pursuing untenable foreign wars, like the Athenians? Or maybe she's thinking of the way that Spartans got stuck in their devotion to a bizarre social system that privileged male emotional and sexual bonding to the extent that the population dropped disastrously, making them entirely dependent on slaves for labor and battle-fodder?

What a bunch of delusional incompetents the NR staff have become. ("Become", of course, may offer them too much benefit of doubt.) I'll say this much for the Buckleys: At least they'd have been able to say what greek thing she's supposed to symbolize.

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