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To Seem Good Is Much More Important Than To Be Good: Or, Sarah Palin, Counterfeit Alaskan

Alaska native Seth Kantner is frustrated by how much traction Sarah Palin is getting from fake Alaskan-ness:

Come on, people. Our ice is melting. Your jobs are turning to dust. Everyone's bank statements are on the verge of being firestarter. Your heating oil is $4 a gallon, ours is $8.

John McCain's answers to those problems? Heck, I honestly don't know what he stands for this week. Talk about a shifting ice floe. But his running mate, we've heard her answers: She's already sued the polar bears, now she's chanting, "Drill, baby, drill!"

Wake up, folks. Sarah Palin is America's bridge to nowhere. Get off it.

Alas, Seth hangs around with people who actually need the meat from the bear they killed. That means they don't have so much of the skid-grease (a.k.a. money) that makes things runs smoothly in Alaska. So who's gonna listen to him?

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