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I Voted

My wife and I voted this morning for the first serious Black presidential candidate in American history. And more to the point, he seems to me to be the best candidate we've had in my lifetime, which now spans eleven presidential elections.

I get dewey-eyed about this, I'll admit it, and I'm filled at the same time with trepidation. I have confidence -- not faith -- that Obama is a decent human being, a wise delegator, someone who actually, genuinely cares what Americans really want, at the same time that he is able and willing to take the responsibility for giving them what he thinks they need. I have confidence that he's the kind of leader I want for my country and that I don't think we've had for a long time. 

I worry, though, that we expect too much. It's true that he's a tabula rasa. That's not a false charge. People are using their idea of him as a vessel for their dreams, and I fear that the vessel will break against reality. Wise people often suffer that fate.

For now, I want this to be over. I thought the 2004 election was bad; this has been far worse. Kerry was simply not respected by his foes; Obama has been demonized. Many in the opposition will simply never acknowledge his legitimacy.

Hope lies in Obama's ability to reach out to moderate Republicans and win their confidence. Bush claimed that he would reach out and unite; I have confidence that Obama will actually do it.

Confidence. Not faith. That means a lot to me.

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