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The Wages of Spam

A thought for the morning: Over the past 24 hours, about 94% of the email my company received has been some kind of spam. That means that only a little over 6% (6.18% or so, to be precise) has been legitimate.

That's about normal for recent weeks.

The category breakdown looks like this:

Valid Mail 30 3.31%
Allowed Sender 15 1.66%
Allowed IP 11 1.21%
Phishing 2 0.22%
Meds 532 58.72%
Truncated 158 17.44%
General 60 6.62%
Adult 41 4.53%
Gambling 11 1.21%
Other Spam 11 1.21%
Abstract 8 0.88%
Scams 7 0.77%
Get Rich 6 0.66%
Debt/Credit 6 0.66%
Cable Theft 6 0.66%
NewSource 2 0.22%

It's interesting to note that medicine has so far outstripped sex. Though I have to wonder if penis enlargement is classified under "meds" or "adult."

All this having been said, I see no indication that email will go away. Most corporate environments will resort (as we have) to aggressive third-party spam filtering with whitelists. Draconian non-solutions like Serios, private email, replacing email with IM, and the like, just aren't making any headway because the value of free and open communication is so great that it easily outweighs the cost of spam mitigation. At the same time, companies like Appriver have made the process of implementing third party spam filters so seamless that even small businesses like ours can do it painlessly.

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