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The American Foreign Legion

Some things are a better idea than they sound like, at first. That doesn't mean they're a good thing.

Take the Bushie plan to "outsource" peacekeeping to African armies [original story @ WP - reg req'd]. From the WP:

A plan approved by Bush earlier this month calls for the United States to commit about $660 million over the next five years to train, equip and provide logistical support to forces in nations willing to participate in peace operations.

The campaign, known as the Global Peace Operations Initiative, will be aimed largely at Africa by expanding the peacekeeping skills of African forces and encouraging international military exercises in the region, where U.S. officials said much of the need exists.

But African forces developed under the program could be used in peace operations anywhere in the world, officials said. And the program also sets aside some assistance for armies in Asia, Latin America and Europe to enlarge their peacekeeping roles as well.

The potential up-side, here, is that if these peacekeepers were to actually go to different parts of the world, it could foster international connections among the emerging nations of the world, and lead to the development of an educated (albeit militarily) class that could help to draw up the standard of living in their countries.

But of course, I didn't spot the siginificance of the fact that this initiative is centered on West Africa:

...Africa is the growth center for the future for the oil industry. The Arabian sources are all in decline, having been pumped for decades now. West coast of Africa (not sure if they prefer offshore sites since that keeps them away from "unstable" land sites or if that's just the only place they've looked so far) is the new boom zone.

A lot of dots are sitting there waiting to be connected. That troop transport plane (US owned) that was full of mercenaries on their way to stage a coup in one of the equatorial countries ....don't have my sources at hand for links but I've been seeing this stuff for months now. This is the new US Colored Troops (Civil War reference there) to lock up our hegemony over resources again. Disguised of course as a benevolent attempt to stop the admittedly awful conflicts in the region.

I said to a friend yesterday that the U.S. is engaged in an enterprise that makes us look much more like 18th/19th C. Britain than it does like Rome. That's nothing new; people have been saying that since the turn of the last century, and more loudly still since the end of WW-II. What's new is that now it happens outside of the Cold War framework. We can now move unopposed by a great state ideology; Capitalism is now regarded as the only moral system that matters.

Unless, of course, you count wahhabism....

So now I figure out how to do without the title....

Did I really forget what a time-sink it is to have a website to call "yours"? Each time you want to do something, you have to figure out how to make it happen. You end up spending hours and hours without accomplishing the one thing you originally identified as central.

But Drupal does make me feel a bit like a kid in a candy store. It's even starting to look as though I won't have to entirely roll-my-own on importing old blog entries (though it will be interesting to see how the archive block behaves when confronted with a gap of two years...).

I'm also kind of charmed by the minimalism of this theme. Simple...clean...I'd like a little more, but on the other hand, it's just enough.



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